Commercial Identity

What is commercial identity?


What identifies you and makes you memorable and distinct – look and feel, logos, design elements and associations.


The customer journey and interaction with your business, product or project. This includes touchpoints like the lobby of your building, customer service, your website, your display on shelf, your salesperson, your packaging, your follow up, ongoing relationship attempts, whether they recommend you and their experience of how you perform for them and for who they recommend you to. Enjoyment of the product or service and results/ outcomes.


Development of product, organising employees to deliver experience, education on key messaging, branding, experience and connection, devising and refining the offer, delivering product, managing interactions with suppliers, setting price for profitability, managing materials to achieve this, evolving direction based on measures, feedback and changing world.


Identifying your ideal customer, crafting key messaging that presents your relevance to the right market and uniquely identifies what makes you the best choice for that customer’s needs. Selecting touchpoints for your customer journey that optimise how the message is delivered, received and the chance for feedback and evolution. Viewing the messaging and communications from the customer’s point of view for meaning, usefulness and action.