Key services

The Brand Whisperer services have been developed with a variety of sizes of business in mind, based on what Clients current and previous have found helpful. Small businesses may be small, but development of their brand can result in very successful ongoing small businesses that may never have need to scale. Likewise, many large scale businesses can’t justify the cost of high end brand development and need something more commercial and effective in the short term.

In a nutshell, the key service is the creation and development of commercial identity. This does include the more traditional idea of brand development, but goes beyond that on a strategic and executional level, and is really dictated by the specifics of what will make a difference to the individual business or product.

Troubleshoot: suitable for all sized businesses, this is a fast way to target a specific challenge – to define and recommend a course of action.
Web purpose

Programme: Suited to small and medium business. Buy a single session, a bloc of 3 (at 10% discount) or 6 (buy 5 get one free). To ensure you work to achieving milestones, The Brand Whisperer programme identifies key aspects of commercial identity development, and your specific requirements are matched to these and your own track or path is established. These sessions are very hands on – developing concepts, ideas, messaging, strategy in session. The first session has an establishing component to ensure the right grounding of information about the business in place.

Project: Suited to all sized businesses. The Brand Whisperer defines a clear project and outcome with you and supports you in achieving it. This follows a more intensive idea of the general Brand Whisperer programme, and previous work has defined the key areas of that programme described above. Our typical areas of support are:
Brand Discovery
Key message development
Development of creative briefs for logo or brand identity and look and feel, related materials; website look and feel and design briefs.
Conceptual copywriting for websites, campaigns.
Naming services.
Strapline, tagline or business descriptor services.

Agency: We support creative agencies to do what they do best by providing insight into the strategy and brand core aspects to give greater depth and authenticity to their brief and creative direction for logo design, look and feel and website creation. We act on behalf of the agency, develop the brief with the client and provide the insight to the agency. This is particularly helpful with businesses that are experiencing commercial identity challenges and are needing a way of clarifying their thinking before developing any creative assets.

Readymade identity solutions: We’ve identified a range of creative businesses who we believe produce excellent work, and have developed a package for interested customers seeking a particular type of creative skillset or style from a brand whisperer brief. We will grow this offering as demand dictates, but are currently offering 3 logo design packages and 2 website development options – one from a wordpress template designed to the BW spec (DIY with guided identity development notes to maximise) and an entry level to mid level Website build package.